The principal goals of AYPD-Compass are:

  • To promote awareness of the dangers of discrimination including xenophobia, sexism and all forms of racism and to reinforce the importance of equal opportunities in all sectors of society.
  • To instill in young people the importance of democracy in the organization of society, and to enhance their awareness of the principles of human rights as elucidated in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights and related international covenants and agreements.
  • To encourage young people to recognize the value of cultural diversity, to actively explore other cultures and belief-systems with an open mind and to work with the young people of neighboring countries and regions to achieve a real peace in the region based on mutual respect, justice and equality.
  • To aid and assist the underprivileged sectors of Georgia society, through the provision of training services, to better access educational opportunities and to find suitable employment.
  • To Build capacity and trainings programs for youth organizations and young people.

Organization has a studio where it is possible to produce music video and documentary films. from the beginning the organization has produced several documentary films on different issue.

Agency of Youth Promotion and Development „Compass” (AYPD-„Compass”)