March 07, 2020 • ForumTheatre

In order to create the structure and the guidelines for quality youth work in the field of Gender Equality, applying in it new tools, as the Forum Theatre techniques, a Kick-Off Meeting took place in Tbilisi, Georgia, on the 21st and 22nd of January 2020. It aimed to go through the project, its aims and objectives, creating the time frame for all the stages, organizing the action plan and distributing responsibilities.

Firstly, if focused on getting to know the different organizations participating, coming from Georgia (AYPD-Compass), Armenia (APY: Armenian Progressive Youth), Azerbaijan (YHM: Yuva Humanitar Merkezi), Poland (Polanda Association), Slovakia (Saplinq), England (OTW: Oldham Theatre Workshop). It followed a description of the project - crosswords activities that use improvisation and theatrical techniques to promote gender equality - and its structure. The project includes 6 mobility activities and 3 capacity building activities.

Therefore, during the meeting the partners decided places and dates of each activity, timelines, deadlines for the lists of participants, reports and guidelines. It followed a sharing of expectations from each participant. In general, this project has been considered as an interesting challenge that brings new knowledge in the fields of gender equality and forum theatre and raises awareness about it, together with the willing of collaboration with different organizations from other parts of the world. Roles and responsibilities were then distributed. Afterwords, it was talked about the website and the visual identities, and how to promote social network pages about the project.

During the second day, the focus was on the action plan. Therefore, the participants agreed on the communication channels and the best way to be in contact with each other. Last part of the meeting was focused on budget and finances, with detailed information about mobility expenses and capacity building expenses, challenges and solution.

This first step of the project ended with a typical dinner with all the participants.

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  1. Photo of Greetings from Telavi!

    Greetings from Telavi!

    March 18, 2020 • ForumTheatre

    Photo of Compass Compass

    The training course took place in Telavi, from the 10 to the 16 of March. Unluckily, due to the fact that I was attending another training, I had the possibility to participate from the third day. I met the other participants during a typical cultural dinner. There were 26 people in total, coming from Georgia, Armenia, Azerbaijan, Poland, England and Slovakia.

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