March 18, 2020 • ForumTheatre

The training course took place in Telavi, from the 10 to the 16 of March. Unluckily, due to the fact that I was attending another training, I had the possibility to participate from the third day. I met the other participants during a typical cultural dinner. There were 26 people in total, coming from Georgia, Armenia, Azerbaijan, Poland, England and Slovakia.

On the 13th of March, my first day, we started with a physical warm-up, together with music. After that, it started the first session, focused on creative processes and their importance in every kind of work.

There has been an interesting discussion about it, and an explanation about the importance of the constructive criticism, of the absence of judgment and of the collaboration, sharing and supporting each other’s ideas. In order to better understand these concepts, association games and activities about re-designing and presenting and alternative function of a given object were made. It has been really nice and challenging to sit down in groups, thinking, and brainstorming together about how many possible functions and object can have and how many possible ways to imagine it there can be!

The second session, that took place in the afternoon was about Applied Theatre, which is the application of theatrical techniques as an educational tool. It was interesting to understand how playing refers to become a child again. Different games and activities were made, in order to understand the importance of non-verbal language, contact, expression and adaptation to the situation. Then we did different activities about instant improvisation, which taught us how to act without thinking too much and how to work in the moment and with the moment. After that, small plays were performed by all the participants.

The day ended with groups of reflections between the trainers and the participants, sharing how we felt during and after the activities, which challenges we dealt with, what we liked and what we didn’t.

During my second day, the 14th of March, other improvisation activities, connected with emotions, were done. Each person had to personify different emotions. Unluckily, the training had to be stopped due to major causes that forced most of the participants to go back to their home countries. I felt sad to not have had the opportunity to attend all the activities of this training but, at the same time, I have been really happy to participate in such an interesting, even if short, experience. It has been challenging and it inspired me a lot, other than giving me some more ideas about the topics we dealt with.

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  1. Photo of PROJECT KICKS OFF!


    March 07, 2020 • ForumTheatre

    Photo of Compass Compass

    In order to create the structure and the guidelines for quality youth work in the field of Gender Equality, applying in it new tools, as the Forum Theatre techniques, a Kick-Off Meeting took place in Tbilisi, Georgia, on the 21st and 22nd of January 2020. It aimed to go through the project, its aims and objectives, creating the time frame for all the stages, organizing the action plan and distributing responsibilities.

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